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Hair Loss
Hair loss is big disappointment if it is occurs in very early age and if it is not cured it becomes a cause of depression and a curse on overall personality.Causes of hair fall vary person to person.
Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant is only and last option to grow natural hair after baldness. Unlike other organ transplant hair transplant is very simple and easy. It is procedure in which no pain and virtually no blood loss is involved.
Facial Hair Transplant
Hair a material which nature uses to decorate the human body at Eyebrow, Beard and Moustaches. Hair transplant technique used to restore the facial hair and also to makes facial hair as per ones choices in style
Why Us?
Hair Transplant is aesthetic procedure which involves a skilled & experienced doctors as hair growth should appear natural, which comes by experience. Our team has experience of more than 1200 hair transplant.

Our centre in Punjab provides naturally appearing quality hair transplant at very economical prices. We endorse this service of hair transplant which is worth entitled as total value for money. We as a team has experienced and dedicated members who have mastered this art of hair restoration over the years and provides as best services focusing of patient’s satisfaction from all sides.
The hair restoration techniques which we provide are FUE technique, BIO-FUE and PRP for hair restoration. We have patients from Punjab mainly from Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Chandigarh as well as from abroad including NRIs. Our dedicated team keeps contact with the patient during pre and post surgery to guide the patients for hair transplant preparation one needs to do before the surgery and care one must follow after the surgery.


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